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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
04-03-20232023 Ladies Doubles (Ladies Grade)2023 Ladies Doubles (Ladies Grade)Active
02-03-20232023 Golden Bell (Div 1 - 4)2023 Golden Bell (Div 1 - 4)Active
25-02-20232023 Masters Doubles (Masters Grade)2023 Masters Doubles (Masters Grade)Completed
05-02-20232023 ACTEBA State of Origin Teams (SOO Grade)2023 ACTEBA State of Origin Teams (SOO Grade)Active
05-02-20232023 ACTEBA State of Origin Singles-Doubles (SOO Grade)2023 ACTEBA State of Origin Singles-Doubles (SOO Grade)Active
12-01-20232023 Summer Comp (SL Grade)2023 Summer Comp (SL Grade)Active
11-01-20232023 Summer Comp (Div 3)2023 Summer Comp (Div 3)Active
11-01-20232023 Summer Comp (Div 2)2023 Summer Comp (Div 2)Active
11-01-20232023 Summer Comp (Div 1)2023 Summer Comp (Div 1)Active
11-01-20232023 Summer Comp (Div 4)2023 Summer Comp (Div 4)Active
27-11-20212021 Open Doubles Top 16 (? Grade)2021 Open Doubles Top 16 (? Grade)Active
06-11-20212021 Masters Doubles (? Grade)2021 Masters Doubles (? Grade)Active
07-08-20212021 Ladies Doubles (? Grade)2021 Ladies Doubles (? Grade)Active
03-06-20212021 Winter Comp (SL Grade)2021 Winter Comp (SL Grade)Active
02-06-20212021 Winter Comp (Div 1)2021 Winter Comp (Div 1)Active
02-06-20212021 Winter Comp (Div 2)2021 Winter Comp (Div 2)Active
02-06-20212021 Winter Comp (Div 3)2021 Winter Comp (Div 3)Active
02-06-20212021 Winter Comp (Div 4)2021 Winter Comp (Div 4)Active
30-04-20212021 ACTEBA Ladies Singles State Championship2021 ACTEBA Ladies Singles State ChampionshipActive
30-04-20212021 ACTEBA Open Singles State Championship2021 ACTEBA Open Singles State ChampionshipActive
08-04-2021ACT Women's Super LeagueACT Women's Super LeagueActive
05-04-2021Canberra Premier LeagueCanberra Premier LeagueActive
12-03-20212021 Masters Singles State Championships (All Grade)2021 Masters Singles State Championships (All Grade)Active
21-11-20202020 Ladies Doubles (? Grade)2020 Ladies Doubles (? Grade)Active
14-11-20202020 Masters Doubles (? Grade)2020 Masters Doubles (? Grade)Active
07-11-20202020 Ladies Singles State Title2020 Ladies Singles State TitleActive
30-07-20202020 Winter Comp (SL Grade)2020 Winter Comp (SL Grade)Active
29-07-20202020 Winter Comp (Div 1)2020 Winter Comp (Div 1)Active
29-07-20202020 Winter Comp (Div 2)2020 Winter Comp (Div 2)Active
29-07-20202020 Winter Comp (Div 3)2020 Winter Comp (Div 3)Active
29-07-20202020 Winter Comp (Div 4)2020 Winter Comp (Div 4)Active
29-01-2020Canberra Premier LeagueCanberra Premier LeagueSuspended
15-01-20202020 Summer Comp (SL Grade)2020 Summer Comp (SL Grade)Suspended
15-01-20202020 Summer Comp (Div 1)2020 Summer Comp (Div 1)Suspended
15-01-20202020 Summer Comp (Div 2)2020 Summer Comp (Div 2)Suspended
15-01-20202020 Summer Comp (Div 3)2020 Summer Comp (Div 3)Suspended
15-01-20202020 Summer Comp (Div 4)2020 Summer Comp (Div 4)Suspended