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CDIST: Master Break & Master Shot Defenitions13-Jan-2024
MASTER BREAK This is when the player who breaks clears all seven of the same-coloured balls and the black off the break. MASTER SHOT This is when the player that breaks, performs a three-point legal break, completes their visit and no ball have been potted. The incoming player then clears all seven of the same-coloured balls and the black in one visit. MASTER CLEARANCE This has been deleted from the list as was the case in the CD8BA prior to the advent of POOLstat. EXCLUSIONS A Master Break or Master Shot can not be claimed if the original breaking player does not achieve a three-point legal break on their first attempt and the other player then breaks and clears all their same-coloured balls and the black in one visit. That is a Master Break or Master Shot can not be claimed as the result of a foul break.
CDIST: Match Liaison Officers26-Sep-2023
Monday - Graham Kearvell Tuesday- Andrea Cosenza Wednesday - Kerry Smith Please make these officers your first point of contact on match nights. If necessary, they will contact a committee member to assist them.
CDIST: Super League Players and the Disqualified Players14-Apr-2021
Our by-laws state that no registered super league player can play div 1 or div 2. If they decide to start playing Super league during the season they will no longer be able to compete in our competition and all frames will be awarded to the other team. PoolStat will record Disqualified Won of Frame against the Disqualified player and the opposing player will have No stats recorded for that frame, also if Disqualified Loss of Frame is recorded for the Disqualified player the opposing player will have the stats awarded to reflect they actually won on their own merits.
CDIST: CD8BA - Committee Members23-Sep-2020
PRESIDENT: Dave Kyle VICE PRESIDENT: Andrea Cosenza SECRETARY: Roger Blake TREASURER: Tracey Ephgrave COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Graham Kearvell, Kerry Smith, Jen Taylor, Joel Lord, Steve Cooke, John Shannon Poolstat - Tracey Ephgrave
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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
08-07-2024Monday (Premier Grade)Monday (Premier Grade)Active
08-07-2024Monday (Division 1)Monday (Division 1)Active
08-07-2024Monday (Division 2)Monday (Division 2)Active
09-07-2024Tuesday (Premier Grade)Tuesday (Premier Grade)Active
09-07-2024Tuesday (Division 1)Tuesday (Division 1)Active
10-07-2024Wednesday (Premier Grade)Wednesday (Premier Grade)Active
10-07-2024Wednesday (Division 1)Wednesday (Division 1)Active
31-01-2024Wednesday (Division 1)Wednesday (Division 1)Completed
15-01-2024Monday (Premier Grade)Monday (Premier Grade)Completed
29-01-2024Monday (Div 1)Monday (Div 1)Completed
15-01-2024Monday (Div 2)Monday (Div 2)Completed
16-01-2024Tuesday (Premier Grade)Tuesday (Premier Grade)Completed
30-01-2024Tuesday (Division 1)Tuesday (Division 1)Completed
17-01-2024Wednesday (Premier Grade)Wednesday (Premier Grade)Completed