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CQSPORTS: Friday 21st June 2019, CvC matches start @ 10:30AM16-Jun-2019
B Grade Singles and C Grade Singles start at 9:00AM and will be played on all 24 tables.
CQSPORTS: 2019 CQ Carnival of Pool - City v Country16-Jun-2019
Live Streaming on tables 1 & 2 + 7 & 8 will be streamed to youtube. https://www.youtube.com/c/CueSportsTV
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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
11-06-20232022 Women's Singles (Womens Grade)2022 Women's Singles (Womens Grade)Active
11-06-20232023 Men's Singles (Open Grade)2023 Men's Singles (Open Grade)Active
09-06-20232023 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)2023 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)Active
09-06-20232023 B Grade CvC (B Grade)2023 B Grade CvC (B Grade)Active
09-06-20232023 C Grade CvC (C Grade)2023 C Grade CvC (C Grade)Active
07-06-20232023 Open 60's (Over 60's Grade)2023 Open 60's (Over 60's Grade)Active
07-06-20232023 Women's 50's (Over 50's Grade)2023 Women's 50's (Over 50's Grade)Active
07-06-20232023 Masters CvC (Master's Grade)2023 Masters CvC (Master's Grade)Active
07-06-20232023 Masters Top 8 (Masters Grade)2023 Masters Top 8 (Masters Grade)Active
08-06-20232023 Men's Zones (Open Grade)2023 Men's Zones (Open Grade)Active
08-06-20232023 Women's Zones (Women's Grade)2023 Women's Zones (Women's Grade)Active
09-06-20232023 B Grade Singles (B Grade)2023 B Grade Singles (B Grade)Active
09-06-20232023 C Grade Singles (C Grade)2023 C Grade Singles (C Grade)Active
09-06-20232023 Women's Grade CvC (Women's Grade)2023 Women's Grade CvC (Women's Grade)Active
19-06-20222022 Women's Singles2022 Women's SinglesActive
17-06-20222022 Men's Singles (Open Grade)2022 Men's Singles (Open Grade)Active
17-06-20222022 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)2022 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)Active
16-06-20222022 Women's Grade CvC (Women's Grade)2022 Women's Grade CvC (Women's Grade)Active
17-06-20222022 B Grade CvC (B Grade)2022 B Grade CvC (B Grade)Active
17-06-20222022 C Grade CvC (C Grade)2022 C Grade CvC (C Grade)Active
17-06-20222022 B Grade Singles (B Grade)2022 B Grade Singles (B Grade)Active
17-06-20222022 C Grade Singles (C GRADE)2022 C Grade Singles (C GRADE)Active
15-06-20222022 Masters CvC (Masters Grade)2022 Masters CvC (Masters Grade)Active
15-06-20222022 Masters Top 8 (Masters Grade)2022 Masters Top 8 (Masters Grade)Active
16-06-20222022 Men's Zones (Open Grade)2022 Men's Zones (Open Grade)Active
16-06-20222022 Women's Zones (Open Grade)2022 Women's Zones (Open Grade)Active
13-06-20212021 Women's Singles (Women's Grade)2021 Women's Singles (Women's Grade)Active
13-06-20212021 Men's Singles (Open Grade)2021 Men's Singles (Open Grade)Active
09-06-20212021 B Grade Singles (B Grade)2021 B Grade Singles (B Grade)Active
10-06-20212021 C Grade Singles (C Grade)2021 C Grade Singles (C Grade)Active
10-06-20212021 Men's Zones (Men's Grade)2021 Men's Zones (Men's Grade)Active
10-06-20212021 Women's Zones (Women's Grade)2021 Women's Zones (Women's Grade)Active
09-06-20212021 Masters CvC (Masters Grade)2021 Masters CvC (Masters Grade)Active
09-06-20212021 Masters Top 8 (Masters Grade)2021 Masters Top 8 (Masters Grade)Active
11-06-20212021 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)2021 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)Active
11-06-20212021 Women's Grade CvC (Women's Grade)2021 Women's Grade CvC (Women's Grade)Active
11-06-20212021 B Grade CvC (B Grade)2021 B Grade CvC (B Grade)Active
11-06-20212021 C Grade CvC (C Grade)2021 C Grade CvC (C Grade)Active
04-09-20202020 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)2020 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)Active
04-09-20202020 Women's Grade CvC (Women's Grade)2020 Women's Grade CvC (Women's Grade)Active
05-09-20202020 B Grade CvC (B Grade)2020 B Grade CvC (B Grade)Active
04-09-20202020 C Grade CvC (C Grade)2020 C Grade CvC (C Grade)Active
06-09-20202020 Men's Singles (Open Grade)2020 Men's Singles (Open Grade)Active
06-09-20202020 Women's Singles (Women's Grade)2020 Women's Singles (Women's Grade)Active
21-06-20192019 Masters Top 8 (Masters Grade)2019 Masters Top 8 (Masters Grade)Active
23-06-20192019 Women's Singles (Women Grade)2019 Women's Singles (Women Grade)Active
20-06-20192019 Men's Zone (Open Grade)2019 Men's Zone (Open Grade)Active
21-06-20192019 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)2019 Open Grade CvC (Open Grade)Active
21-06-20192019 Women's Team CvC (Women Grade)2019 Women's Team CvC (Women Grade)Active
21-06-20192019 B Grade CvC (B Grade)2019 B Grade CvC (B Grade)Active
21-06-20192019 C Grade CvC (C Grade)2019 C Grade CvC (C Grade)Active
23-06-20192019 Men's Singles (Open Grade)2019 Men's Singles (Open Grade)Active
21-06-20192019 B Grade Singles (B Grade)2019 B Grade Singles (B Grade)Active
21-06-20192019 C Grade Singles (C Grade)2019 C Grade Singles (C Grade)Active
20-07-20182018 Women's Team CvC2018 Women's Team CvCActive
20-07-20182018 Open Grade CvC2018 Open Grade CvCActive
20-07-20182018 B Grade CvC2018 B Grade CvCActive
20-07-20182018 C Grade CvC2018 C Grade CvCActive
18-07-20182018 Masters Zone2018 Masters ZoneActive
19-07-20182018 Men's Zone2018 Men's ZoneActive
19-07-20182018 Women's Zone2018 Women's ZoneActive
22-07-20182018 Women's Singles2018 Women's SinglesActive
22-07-20182018 Open's Singles2018 Open's SinglesActive
20-07-20182018 B Grade Singles2018 B Grade SinglesActive
20-07-20182018 C Grade Singles2018 C Grade SinglesActive