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GLADS: REMINDER - Monthly General Meeting09-Apr-2017
Reminder - the General Meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of every second month, at the CLUB HOUSE at 36 Hanson Road - 9.30am. We do encourage members to attend as this forum gives you the opportunity to ask questions or bring ideas that would help our Association grow even stronger. However, at least one team member from each team registered MUST ATTEND the meeting if they want to receive the 1 BONUS point on offer. This 1 point could make the difference to who makes the finals when it comes near to the end of the season.
GLADS: NEW Facebook Group Page12-Feb-2017
Gladstone Eight Ball has a NEW Facebook Group Page. Add "Gladstone Eight Ball Association - G.E.B.A." to your favourites today!
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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
09-03-2023Division I Thursday Night (A Grade)Division I Thursday Night (A Grade)Active
08-03-2023Division II Wednesday Night (B/C Grade)Division II Wednesday Night (B/C Grade)Active
11-03-2023CvC Ranking (Womens Grade)CvC Ranking (Womens Grade)Active
25-03-2023CvC Ranking (B Grade)CvC Ranking (B Grade)Active
18-03-2023CvC Ranking (Open Grade)CvC Ranking (Open Grade)Active
10-09-2022Singles Championship (A Grade)Singles Championship (A Grade)Active
24-09-2022Open Doubles Championship (Open Grade)Open Doubles Championship (Open Grade)Active
22-10-2022Captain's Knockout (Open Grade)Captain's Knockout (Open Grade)Active
29-10-2022Top 16 (A Grade)Top 16 (A Grade)Active
12-11-2022Top 16 (B Grade)Top 16 (B Grade)Active
19-11-2022C Grade Top 16 (C Grade)C Grade Top 16 (C Grade)Active
30-11-2022Memorial Shield X Cross Over Season (Open Grade)Memorial Shield X Cross Over Season (Open Grade)Active
13-08-2022Mixed Doubles Championship (Open Grade)Mixed Doubles Championship (Open Grade)Active
10-03-2022Division I Thursday Night (A Grade)Division I Thursday Night (A Grade)Active
09-03-2022Division II Wednesday Night (B/C Grade)Division II Wednesday Night (B/C Grade)Active
30-07-2022Singles Championship (C Grade)Singles Championship (C Grade)Active
06-08-2022Singles Championship (B Grade)Singles Championship (B Grade)Active
26-11-2022Singles Championship (OPEN Grade)Singles Championship (OPEN Grade)Active
09-07-2022QCup Men's Team Ranker (Men's Grade)QCup Men's Team Ranker (Men's Grade)Active
16-07-2022Country Cup Team Ranker (Open Grade)Country Cup Team Ranker (Open Grade)Active
23-07-2022Under 18's Junior Championship (Junior Grade)Under 18's Junior Championship (Junior Grade)Active
23-07-2022Under 15's Junior Championship (Junior Grade)Under 15's Junior Championship (Junior Grade)Active
23-07-2022Under 12's Junior Championship (Junior Grade)Under 12's Junior Championship (Junior Grade)Active
28-05-2022Junior/Mentor Challenge (Juniors Grade)Junior/Mentor Challenge (Juniors Grade)Active
23-04-2022Ladies Singles Championship (Women's Grade)Ladies Singles Championship (Women's Grade)Active
07-05-2022Masters Singles Championship (Masters Grade)Masters Singles Championship (Masters Grade)Active
02-04-2022CvC Ranking (Masters Grade)CvC Ranking (Masters Grade)Active
05-03-2022CvC Ranking (Women's Grade)CvC Ranking (Women's Grade)Active
26-03-2022CvC Ranking (C Grade)CvC Ranking (C Grade)Active
19-03-2022CvC Ranking (B Grade)CvC Ranking (B Grade)Active
12-03-2022CvC Ranking (A Grade)CvC Ranking (A Grade)Active
04-06-2022Ladies Doubles Championship (Open Grade)Ladies Doubles Championship (Open Grade)Active
25-06-2022QCup Women's Team Ranker 1 (Womens Grade)QCup Women's Team Ranker 1 (Womens Grade)Active