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IPSWICH: Ipswich C Grade CVC team25-Feb-2018
congrats to the following for making the team this year 2018 Wesley Forrest, Ben Nowlan, Aimee Graham, Ryan Geatches, Shaun Mahoney, Laura Martin.
IPSWICH: C and B Grade championships this weekend16-Feb-2018
Check out details in the events section Good luck to all
IPSWICH: Welcome Back Members to 201826-Feb-2017
Welcome back returning members and new members. Members fees of $30 will be required on 1st night of play. The draws are done and accessible here on, AB has 14 teams and they are all out of the clubhouse, BC has 4 teams at the Grande, 2 at Swifts and 6 at the clubhouse. team packs have been done up for BC and those playing at the Grand be sure to catch up with Bruce on the night. Game sheets and money to be handed in at the Clubhouse each night, it is also possible to take a photo of the game sheet and make payment by electronic transfer if preferred. The original will be required to be returned to the clubhouse on your next game there. AB teams grab a sheet and an envelope from the canteen, a paper version calendar is available but for accuracy follow us here on Poolstat. Straight up we have CVC trials, due to the tight time constraints if you are trialling you will need to budget for the $180 fee to rep. I wish all the best, and here's to another successful year. Scott Freeman (IEBA President)
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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
21-01-2021BLACKBALL 2021 (OPEN Grade)BLACKBALL 2021 (OPEN Grade)Completed
16-02-2021A/B Winter Comp (A/B Grade)A/B Winter Comp (A/B Grade)Active
16-02-2021B/C Winter Comp (B/C Grade)B/C Winter Comp (B/C Grade)Active
21-02-2021C Grade C.V.C Tryouts 2021 (C GRADE)C Grade C.V.C Tryouts 2021 (C GRADE)Completed
28-02-2021B GRADE C.V.C. TRYOUT (B Grade)B GRADE C.V.C. TRYOUT (B Grade)Completed
07-03-2021Ladies C.V.C (Ladies Grade)Ladies C.V.C (Ladies Grade)Completed
14-03-2021A Grade C.V.C (A Grade)A Grade C.V.C (A Grade)Completed
21-03-2021C Grade Singles (C GRADE)C Grade Singles (C GRADE)Completed
10-04-2021Best of the West (C GRADE)Best of the West (C GRADE)Completed
11-04-2021Best of the West (B Grade)Best of the West (B Grade)Completed
24-04-2021Best of the West (A Grade)Best of the West (A Grade)Completed
08-05-2021B Grade Singles (B Grade)B Grade Singles (B Grade)Completed
15-05-2021IPSWICH OPEN (1) (OPEN Grade)IPSWICH OPEN (1) (OPEN Grade)Completed
16-05-2021IPSWICH OPEN (2) (OPEN Grade)IPSWICH OPEN (2) (OPEN Grade)Completed
16-05-2021IPSWICH OPEN (3) (OPEN Grade)IPSWICH OPEN (3) (OPEN Grade)Completed
23-05-2021Country Cup Tryout (B/C Grade)Country Cup Tryout (B/C Grade)Completed
27-06-2021Country Cup Tryout (A Grade)Country Cup Tryout (A Grade)Completed
03-07-2021LADIES CHAMPIONSHIP (Ladies Grade)LADIES CHAMPIONSHIP (Ladies Grade)Completed
10-07-2021Jeff Taylor Blind Scotch Doub (OPEN Grade)Jeff Taylor Blind Scotch Doub (OPEN Grade)Active
12-09-2021IPSWICH OPEN (OPEN Grade)IPSWICH OPEN (OPEN Grade)Active
12-03-2020Ipswich Black Ball (Open Grade)Ipswich Black Ball (Open Grade)Suspended