Melbourne Metropolitan Pool League


MMPL: Start date has been pushed out to the 29th June.18-Jun-2021
It's been decided to hold the start of the season back another week and aim for the 29th June, so that we can fully establish the status and policies of all venues. Poolstat round dates have been updated to reflect the new start date.
MMPL: The 15th is a no go, so maybe 22nd June.09-Jun-2021
The dates have been pushed out to start on the 22nd.
MMPL: Posponed again due to the extended COVID-19 lockdown.05-Jun-2021
Looking at 15th June as a possibility.
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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
09-03-2021Summer 2021 (Premier Grade)Summer 2021 (Premier Grade)Completed
09-03-2021Summer 2021 (Div 1)Summer 2021 (Div 1)Completed
09-03-2021Summer 2021 (Div 2)Summer 2021 (Div 2)Completed
22-06-2021Winter 2021 (Prem Grade)Winter 2021 (Prem Grade)Active
22-06-2021Winter 2021 (Div 1)Winter 2021 (Div 1)Active
22-06-2021Winter 2021 (Div 2)Winter 2021 (Div 2)Active