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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
04-09-2023Singles Premier LeagueSingles Premier LeagueActive
25-09-2023Tri Series 2023Tri Series 2023Active
13-02-2023Main Season (Open Grade)Main Season (Open Grade)Completed
18-02-20232023 Opens A Grade Trials CVC (A Grade)2023 Opens A Grade Trials CVC (A Grade)Completed
19-02-20232023 Masters CVC Open Trials (Over 50 Grade)2023 Masters CVC Open Trials (Over 50 Grade)Completed
19-02-20232023 Womens Masters CVC Trials (Over 50 Grade)2023 Womens Masters CVC Trials (Over 50 Grade)Completed
04-03-20232023 Womens CVC Trials (Womens Grade)2023 Womens CVC Trials (Womens Grade)Completed
11-03-20232023 B Grade CVC Trials (B Grade)2023 B Grade CVC Trials (B Grade)Completed
19-03-20232023 C Grade CVC Trials (C Grade)2023 C Grade CVC Trials (C Grade)Completed
01-04-20232023 A Grade Championships (A Grade)2023 A Grade Championships (A Grade)Completed
13-05-20232023 Womens Championships (Womens Grade)2023 Womens Championships (Womens Grade)Completed
22-07-20232023 B Grade Championships (B Grade)2023 B Grade Championships (B Grade)Completed
29-07-20232023 Opens Championships (Open Grade)2023 Opens Championships (Open Grade)Completed
12-08-20232023 C Grade Championships (C Grade)2023 C Grade Championships (C Grade)Completed
18-03-20232023 Race to 21 2023 Race to 21 Completed
09-09-20232023 Doubles Championships (Doubles Grade)2023 Doubles Championships (Doubles Grade)Active
05-09-2022Tri SeriesTri SeriesActive
22-09-20222022/2023 Premier SIngle's League2022/2023 Premier SIngle's LeagueActive