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PTADEL: Round 4 Cancelled due to restrictions03-Aug-2021
Round 4 cancelled due to restrictions remaining unchanged until Thursday. Looking to resume from Round 5 once restrictions have eased.
PTADEL: Willy's Wake26-Feb-2021
The family of Kevin Bloody Wilson would like to invite all who can attend Seaton Ramblers Football Club on March the 5th for a celebration of Willy's life (4pm onwards). Hoping that everyone can come by for a beer or two, hear a story about the mischief the man himself got up to! Will be great to see plenty of people there after the entertainment he has given us all.
PTADEL: Fixture Changes For Current Season24-Feb-2021
Fixture Changes have been made for a couple of games this season, swapping the home and away game between two sides in Div 1 and also two teams in Div 2. Changed Matches are as follows and have been reflected onto PoolStat: 3 March (Round 5) - Kerry's Packers vs. Portland Cruisers 21 April (Round 12) - Portland Cruisers vs. Kerry's Packers 24 March (Round 8) - Glanville Potters vs. The Bandits 26 May (Round 17) - The Bandits vs. Glanville Potters Apologies for the changes and to the RSL/Commercial Characters for the issues tonight and last minute change of venue, I made an error with planning the fixtures and accounted for four tables at the Commercial hotel, however with the COVID restrictions I will ensure only two matches are played upstairs, and one match in the sports bar. Jack Match Official
PTADEL: PROVISIONAL Fixtures Released26-Jan-2021
Hi everyone, I have created PROVISIONAL Fixtures for the upcoming season starting on 3 February. Please keep in mind that these may change prior to the round pending any team/venue changes. The final date for any changes to teams is the 30th of January. Following this no further changes can be made. Please contact Jack on 0412 601 449 if you have any queries.
PTADEL: AGM + Presentation details on Facebook13-Jan-2021
Hi all, If you haven't been on Facebook recently, details for the AGM + Presentation are available. https://www.facebook.com/innerport8ball/photos/pb.124094027659594.-2207520000../3487099668025663/?type=3&theater
PTADEL: Finals postponed with current COVID outbreak17-Nov-2020
As many are aware this week, another COVID outbreak has occurred in SA affecting pubs and indoor sports. Finals will be postponed as a result until conditions have improved.
PTADEL: COVID-19 Restritctions Changes04-Aug-2020
Hi everyone, As some may have heard on the news yesterday restrictions have been adjusted with regards to the COVID-19 outbreak. I have contacted SA Health to confirm how this will affect our competition, as there have been some conflicting reports about the operation of pubs and clubs as of tomorrow. I have confirmed the changes, as per SA Health's recent update on their website, are as follows: "From Wednesday 5 August, gatherings at homes in SA will be limited to 10 people and standing consumption of food and drink will be no longer permitted." https://www.sahealth.sa.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/public+content/sa+health+internet/about+us/news+and+media/all+media+releases/covid-19+update+3+august No other changes have occurred to venue density or social distancing rules at this point, however we will monitor the situation if there are any additional COVID-19 cases or announcements from the Premier. If there are any other concerns or issues though, please contact Ralph (0425 240 517) or Jack (0412 601 449). Thanks all.
PTADEL: New Season Fixture Created10-Jul-2020
Hi everyone, Fixtures have been generated for this season and are now available. Hoping that there are no other changes to sides, however I will post here if the draws need to be adjusted before this Wednesday. Live scoring will continue this season, and I will be visiting teams during the first week to provide the new passwords for each team. Logins from the previous season will not work unfortunately. For those who are not familiar with this or have lost the link, the app is access via this website: https://ls.poolstat.net.au/ If there are any issues or queries about the draw for the season, please contact Jack on 0412 601 449.
PTADEL: Match Results using the Live Scoring App28-Jan-2020
Hi everyone, Starting this season, we are using the Live Scoring app to record the match results. This will enable quicker and more timely results, as they will be entered by the participating teams on the night. The link to access the Live Scoring app is: https://ls.poolstat.net.au/ Team Login PINs will be provided on the night to each team. I will do my best to provide these directly to Captains for whom I have contact details for, however I may need to provide this in-person on Wednesday if I am otherwise unsuccessful. I will be heading to all the venues during the first round to help out with any issues using the app as well. If you are facing issues with the app before I attend, please record the results on paper so that this can be copied into the app. I am also available on my mobile during the night, which is 0412 601 449. For any match/rules related disputes, please contact Justin Smith on 0412 782 586. Thanks all Jack Match Secretary
PTADEL: Recording names in the match sheet10-Aug-2019
Hi everyone, Just a reminder that there has been a change to the name recording requirements for the 8 ball match sheets. Going forward, the name field will require the FULL name of the player. Nicknames will not be accepted going forward in the official match sheet, to facilitate the recording of results and player stats. If there are any questions or queries about this change, please contact Jack Whelan via the results number.
PTADEL: Missing Results and Player names10-Aug-2019
Hi everyone, I'm currently missing the results for the Five Cougars & Rosewater Smashers game. Also, could I please get the Cougars White & Cumber Pirates to confirm the full names for the following players: 'Doody' (Player C) - Cougars White M Walter - (Player D) ; L. Miller - (Player F) - Cumberland Pirates Please text these through to the regular results number, or message the facebook page with the information. Thanks all.
PTADEL: Newmarket Withdrawn29-Jul-2019
Hi Div 2 Players, Due to unforseen issues, the Newmarket team in division 2 has withdrawn for the season. This will mean all matches with the Newmarket will now be replaced with a bye. The fixtures will be updated in due course to reflect the change. If there are any queries, please contact Jack Whelan.
PTADEL: Recording names in the match sheet10-Jul-2019
Hi everyone, A slight change has been made to the way in which players are recorded on the match sheets. Going forward, the name field will require the first and last name of the player. Nicknames will not be accepted going forward in the official match sheet to help facilitate the recording of results and player stats. If there are any questions about this change, please contact Jack Whelan.
PTADEL: Player & Team Nomination Forms07-Jul-2019
The player & team nomination forms for Season 2 are now available on our Facebook page. For your convenience, here are links to the two forms. Player Form Team Form
PTADEL: Sending through the results07-Jul-2019
Hi everyone, You may now send a photo of the completed match sheets (both copies) to 0412 601 449 instead of delivering these to the 1st Commercial Hotel. If you do not choose to take the photo, you MUST text or call the results through on completion of the match to Tim on 0466 053 824. The match sheet must also then be delivered to the 1st Commercial Hotel. If you have taken a photo and texted this, you do not need to return the match sheet. If there are any questions about these changes, please contact Jack Whelan or a Committee member.
PTADEL: Welcome to Pool Stat!07-Jul-2019
Hi everyone, Welcome to the new results & ladder system that will be used for Season 2 this year. The new system will allow for a much more transparent view of the results, and will also provide an ongoing player stats table to check your chances in the battle for Division MVP. More info to follow soon!
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