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COMPETITION RULES FOR 2024 (To be read in conjunction with the By-laws) (As amended at AGM 2023) 1. TEAMS / PLAYERS / GRADINGS / FORMAT (a) Each venue must nominate Teams and Players before the season starts (4 -10 players per team) (b) THE COMMITTEE HAS SET ONE DIVISION FOR THE START OF THE SEASON. AFTER TWO FULL ROUNDS THEIR WILL BE A SPLIT TO TWO DIVISIONS FOR THE FINAL PART OF THE SEASON. (c) THE SEASON WILL BE THE NORMAL OFF CUE CHAMPIONSHIPS WITH THE ROUNDS DETERMINED BY THE COMMITTEE. (d) TEAMS WILL BE PLAYING FOR CHAMPIONSHIP SHIELDS/ PLAYER TROPHIES. 2. FEES (a) Player fees are $20 per year. $10 with the Players first game and $10 with the next, if played. (c) Junior fees $10 per year. Signature stating age at beginning of the calendar year required to be eligible with Junior to be under 18 as of 1st January. (c) A player levy of $2 per a frame will apply for each player. A minimum of $32 per team. (d) All relevant fees to be transferred to the PA8BA account. E.g. New player registration and fee & player levies. (e) PENALTIES AND FINES APPLY FOR MATCH FORFEITS, DISQUALIFICATIONS AND LATE RESULT SHEETS ETC. See Bylaws. NOTE: Late payment or notification will not restore points. 3. MATCHES TO BE PLAYED AS FOLLOWS (a) Matches shall commence at 7.00 p.m. unless otherwise agreed. (b) The match will consist of four sets of four singles, making 16 frames in all. (c) Prior to the commencement of the match opposing Captains, or their representatives shall name their playing side on PoolStat. Forfeits if any, may be placed in any position. (d) Subs, if any, must be notified of between sets. (e) Games shall be played in listed order where possible. Prior agreement is needed between captains to play frames out of order. It will always be at the discretion of the opposing captain if this is acceptable. (f) The use of umpires is at the discretion of the teams playing the match. They can take the form of no umpire, time only, one or two umpires dependent on agreement between teams. (g) A team may field a minimum of THREE players. Any less and the opposing team receives a forfeit. PENALTIES AND FINES APPLY FOR FORFEITS. See By-laws. 4. 8 BALL BREAKS (a) 8-ball breaks will fall into three types - Master break MB (break and clear) Master shot MS (pot 7 and the black in one visit directly after the break) and Master clearance MC (7 balls and the black potted in one visit any time during the frame). will only be recognised if the player pots out all seven object balls and the black in ONE break (shot). Players making an 8-ball break during the minor round will receive an award (b) An 8-ball break will only be recognised if notification appears on PoolStat. 5. SCORING (a) Each winning match shall score two (2) points. (b) Each drawn match shall score one (1) point. (c) Each team winning by FORFEIT shall score two (2) points and have the score adjusted to 16-0. The losing team shall receive a 0-16 score. First Four (4) named players named on team sheets will receive maximum points. NOTE: NO LEVEES REQ. (d) Each team winning through DISQUALIFICATION shall score two (2) points and have the scores adjusted as per By-law 8 (a). (e) Each winning game shall count as one (1) point for Player awards and will be used as a percentage of games played for Player and Team count-outs. Each player who receives a forfeit shall be credited with a win on his teams score sheet.
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