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Round 1
13-Jun, 9:00am
Best of 5
Round 2
13-Jun, 10:00am
Best of 5
Round 3
13-Jun, 11:00am
Best of 5
Round 4
13-Jun, 12:00pm
Best of 5
13-Jun, 1:00pm
Best of 7
11Bonnie Campbell0
216Leah Chambers1
17Roxie Cooper3
38Nicole MarkFFT
25Brenda Booker3
49Millie Ahwang3
24Lee Goudsouzian2
54Cass Ditchfield3
29Brooke HamiltonFFT
613Narelle Evans3
20Lindi Epperson1
75Annette Clifford3
28Brandy Wineti0
812Sandie Wright3
21Deanne Fitzgerald1
92Colleen Pershouse0
1015Jamie Ingram1
18Chaylee Howarth3
117Kylie Ingram0
26Maria Dema3
1210Angie RichFFT
23Rachael Cooper3
133Julie Lucas3
30Ann Pyke1
1414Rawinia Elsmore0
19Tina Gallagher3
156Destiny SmithFFT
27Maddy Hutson3
1611Colleen Spasojevic3
22Karen Harvey0
25Bonnie Campbell3
Roxie Cooper0
26Brenda Booker3
Millie Ahwang0
27Cass Ditchfield3
Narelle Evans2
28Annette Clifford1
Sandie Wright3
29Colleen PershouseFFT
Chaylee Howarth3
30Maria Dema2
Rachael Cooper3
31Julie Lucas3
Tina Gallagher1
32Maddy HutsonFFT
Colleen Spasojevic3
41Bonnie Campbell1
Brenda Booker3
42Cass Ditchfield1
Sandie Wright3
43Chaylee Howarth3
Rachael Cooper2
44Julie Lucas2
Colleen Spasojevic3
53Brenda Booker3
Sandie Wright0
54Chaylee Howarth0
Colleen Spasojevic3
59Brenda Booker4
Colleen Spasojevic2
3rd Place Play off
Best of 5
Sandie Wright3
Chaylee Howarth0