Burnie Somerset Wynyard 8 Ball


BSWEBA: Winter Roster 202122-Jan-2021
Hi Everyone our Winter Roster Starts on the 2/02/2021, we hope everyone enjoys the roster and plays well.
3 days:Tue, 22-06-2021A Grade Grand Final

A Grade Grand Final

OrganisationBurnie Somerset Wynyard 8 Ball
DetailsA Grade Grand Final
Date22-06-2021 (1 day)
Start Time7:30 PM
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7 days:Sat, 26-06-2021Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner

OrganisationBurnie Somerset Wynyard 8 Ball
DetailsAnnual Dinner
Date26-06-2021 (1 day)
Start Time7:00 PM
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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
30-05-2021Masters Championship (Open Grade)Masters Championship (Open Grade)Completed
08-05-2021Ladies Singles 2021Ladies Singles 2021Completed
30-03-2021Open Singles 2021Open Singles 2021Completed
21-03-2021Open Doubles 2021Open Doubles 2021Completed
28-02-2021Mixed Doubles 2021Mixed Doubles 2021Completed
02-02-2021Winter Roster 2021Winter Roster 2021Active
04-02-2020Winter Roster 2020Winter Roster 2020Suspended