Central Victorian Eightball Association - Wed

2021 MCP AFL 8ball Championship


18-03-2021 - Round 1
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
18th Mar 2021 @
Murray Tigers1 (9):(1) 0Thommo's BluesPlayedHome
Adam's Meat Pies1 (9):(4) 0Phil DoggiePlayedHome
Stocky Demons0 (8):(9) 1Stone'd DockersPlayedHome
Adelaide Mal0 (4):(9) 1Kennedy's CatsPlayedHome
Don Mulder0 (5):(9) 1Eddy HawksPlayedHome
Brisbane Brett1 (9):(5) 0Stan SwanPlayedHome
DazzaRoos0 (3):(9) 1Port BradleyPlayedHome
Quinno the Giant0 (4):(9) 1Saint PJPlayedHome
West Coast Pommie0 (8):(9) 1Gold Coast WilliePlayedHome
25-03-2021 - Round 2
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
25th Mar 2021 @
Thommo's Blues0 (1):(9) 1Adam's Meat PiesPlayedHome
Kennedy's Cats1 (9):(5) 0Brisbane BrettPlayedHome
Stan Swan1 (9):(6) 0Adelaide MalPlayedHome
Port Bradley1 (9):(4) 0Don MulderPlayedHome
Saint PJ1 (9):(3) 0Stocky DemonsPlayedHome
Gold Coast Willie1 (9):(3) 0DazzaRoosPlayedHome
Eddy Hawks0 (7):(9) 1Murray TigersPlayedHome
Phil Doggie0 (6):(9) 1West Coast PommiePlayedHome
Stone'd Dockers1 (9):(5) 0Quinno the GiantPlayedHome
01-04-2021 - Round 3
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
1st Apr 2021 @
Brisbane Brett0 (6):(9) 1Adam's Meat PiesPlayedHome
DazzaRoos0 (5):(9) 1Phil DoggiePlayedHome
Adelaide Mal0 (7):(9) 1Gold Coast WilliePlayedHome
Murray Tigers1 (9):(1) 0Stan SwanPlayedHome
Don Mulder0 (5):(9) 1Saint PJPlayedHome
West Coast Pommie1 (9):(5) 0Port BradleyPlayedHome
Thommo's Blues0 (1):(9) 1Stone'd DockersPlayedHome
Quinno the Giant1 (9):(7) 0Stocky DemonsPlayedHome
Kennedy's Cats1 (9):(4) 0Eddy HawksPlayedHome
08-04-2021 - Round 4
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
8th Apr 2021 @
Stan Swan0 (1):(9) 1Don MulderPlayedHome
Port Bradley0 (2):(9) 1Murray TigersPlayedHome
Phil Doggie0 (6):(9) 1Brisbane BrettPlayedHome
Saint PJ1 (9):(6) 0West Coast PommiePlayedHome
Gold Coast Willie0 (5):(9) 1Thommo's BluesPlayedHome
Adam's Meat Pies1 (9):(8) 0Quinno the GiantPlayedHome
DazzaRoos1 (9):(2) 0Adelaide MalPlayedHome
Stocky Demons0 (1):(9) 1Kennedy's CatsPlayedHome
Stone'd Dockers0 (8):(9) 1Eddy HawksPlayedHome
15-04-2021 - Round 5
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
15th Apr 2021 @
Saint PJ1 (9):(6) 0Murray TigersPlayedHome
West Coast Pommie0 (3):(9) 1Adam's Meat PiesPlayedHome
Phil Doggie0 (3):(9) 1Gold Coast WilliePlayedHome
Stan Swan0 (4):(9) 1Quinno the GiantPlayedHome
Thommo's Blues0 (4):(9) 1Port BradleyPlayedHome
Brisbane Brett0 (5):(9) 1Don MulderPlayedHome
Adelaide Mal0 (3):(9) 1Stone'd DockersPlayedHome
Eddy Hawks0 (7):(9) 1Stocky DemonsPlayedHome
Kennedy's Cats1 (9):(2) 0DazzaRoosPlayedHome
22-04-2021 - Round 6
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
22nd Apr 2021 @
Quinno the Giant1 (9):(7) 0Phil DoggiePlayedHome
Kennedy's Cats1 (9):(1) 0West Coast PommiePlayedHome
Gold Coast Willie1 (9):(4) 0Stan SwanPlayedHome
Thommo's Blues1 (9):(7) 0Brisbane BrettPlayedHome
Stocky Demons0 (6):(9) 1Murray TigersPlayedHome
Stone'd Dockers1 (9):(4) 0DazzaRoosPlayedHome
Eddy Hawks1 (9):(8) 0Adelaide MalPlayedHome
Adam's Meat Pies0 (4):(9) 1Don MulderPlayedHome
Port Bradley0 (7):(9) 1Saint PJPlayedHome
29-04-2021 - Round 7
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
29th Apr 2021 @
Brisbane Brett0 (8):(9) 1Port BradleyPlayedHome
Adam's Meat Pies1 (9):(8) 0Gold Coast WilliePlayedHome
Don Mulder1 (9):(5) 0Thommo's BluesPlayedHome
DazzaRoos0 (4):(9) 1Stocky DemonsPlayedHome
Murray Tigers1 (9):(4) 0Phil DoggiePlayedHome
Saint PJ?Eddy HawksScheduledHome 
Stan Swan0 (0):(9) 1Kennedy's CatsPlayedHome
Adelaide Mal1 (9):(8) 0Quinno the GiantPlayedHome
West Coast Pommie1 (9):(7) 0Stone'd DockersPlayedHome
06-05-2021 - Round 8
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
6th May 2021 @
Gold Coast Willie1 (9):(8) 0Saint PJPlayedHome
Quinno the Giant1 (9):(2) 0Don MulderPlayedHome
Eddy Hawks0 (4):(9) 1West Coast PommiePlayedHome
Stocky Demons1 (9):(1) 0Stan SwanPlayedHome
DazzaRoos0 (8):(9) 1Adam's Meat PiesPlayedHome
Murray Tigers0 (4):(9) 1Kennedy's CatsPlayedHome
Phil Doggie0 (7):(9) 1Thommo's BluesPlayedHome
Port Bradley1 (9):(3) 0Adelaide MalPlayedHome
Stone'd Dockers0 (6):(9) 1Brisbane BrettPlayedHome
13-05-2021 - Round 9
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
13th May 2021 @
Don Mulder1 (9):(8) 0Stone'd DockersPlayedHome
Gold Coast Willie0 (7):(9) 1Brisbane BrettPlayedHome
Eddy Hawks0 (7):(9) 1DazzaRoosPlayedHome
Stocky Demons0 (7):(9) 1Thommo's BluesPlayedHome
Murray Tigers1 (9):(7) 0Quinno the GiantPlayedHome
Saint PJ0 (4):(9) 1Kennedy's CatsPlayedHome
Stan Swan0 (4):(9) 1Adam's Meat PiesPlayedHome
Port Bradley1 (9):(3) 0Phil DoggiePlayedHome
West Coast Pommie1 (9):(3) 0Adelaide MalPlayedHome
20-05-2021 - Round 10
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
20th May 2021 @
Brisbane Brett0 (3):(9) 1Murray TigersPlayedHome
Thommo's Blues0 (8):(9) 1Eddy HawksPlayedHome
Adam's Meat Pies0 (6):(9) 1Port BradleyPlayedHome
Don Mulder1 (9):(4) 0DazzaRoosPlayedHome
Kennedy's Cats1 (9):(4) 0Gold Coast WilliePlayedHome
Quinno the Giant0 (7):(9) 1West Coast PommiePlayedHome
Phil Doggie0 (4):(9) 1Saint PJPlayedHome
Adelaide Mal0 (3):(9) 1Stocky DemonsPlayedHome
Stone'd Dockers1 (9):(7) 0Stan SwanPlayedHome
27-05-2021 - Round 11
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
27th May 2021 @
Brisbane Brett1 (9):(2) 0Quinno the GiantPlayedHome
Adam's Meat Pies0 (1):(9) 1Kennedy's CatsPlayedHome
Murray Tigers1 (9):(1) 0Adelaide MalPlayedHome
Saint PJ1 (9):(2) 0DazzaRoosPlayedHome
Stan Swan0 (6):(9) 1Thommo's BluesPlayedHome
Phil Doggie0 (5):(9) 1Stocky DemonsPlayedHome
Gold Coast Willie1 (9):(8) 0Eddy HawksPlayedHome
Port Bradley1 (9):(5) 0Stone'd DockersPlayedHome
West Coast Pommie1 (9):(7) 0Don MulderPlayedHome
03-06-2021 - Round 12
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
3rd Jun 2021 @
Thommo's Blues1 (9):(5) 0West Coast PommiePlayedHome
Don Mulder0 (4):(9) 1Murray TigersPlayedHome
Saint PJ1 (9):(2) 0Stan SwanPlayedHome
Adelaide Mal0 (5):(9) 1Adam's Meat PiesPlayedHome
Stocky Demons0 (2):(9) 1Brisbane BrettPlayedHome
Stone'd Dockers1 (9):(3) 0Phil DoggiePlayedHome
10-06-2021 - Round 13
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
10th Jun 2021 @
Stocky Demons1 (9):(8) 0Adam's Meat PiesPlayedHome
DazzaRoos?Quinno the GiantScheduledHome 
Saint PJ1 (9):(2) 0Adelaide MalPlayedHome
Stan Swan?Eddy HawksScheduledHome 
Port Bradley0 (6):(9) 1Kennedy's CatsPlayedHome
Stone'd Dockers0 (2):(9) 1Gold Coast WilliePlayedHome
17-06-2021 - Round 14
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
17th Jun 2021 @
Kennedy's Cats1 (9):(3) 0Phil DoggiePlayedHome
Gold Coast Willie?Port BradleyScheduledHome 
Quinno the Giant?Thommo's BluesScheduledHome 
Eddy Hawks?Don MulderScheduledHome 
DazzaRoos?Brisbane BrettScheduledHome 
West Coast Pommie0 (4):(9) 1Murray TigersPlayedHome
24-06-2021 - Round 15
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
24th Jun 2021 @
Brisbane Brett?Kennedy's CatsScheduledHome 
Thommo's Blues?Adelaide MalScheduledHome 
Adam's Meat Pies?Stone'd DockersScheduledHome 
Don Mulder?Stocky DemonsScheduledHome 
Quinno the Giant?Eddy HawksScheduledHome 
DazzaRoos?Gold Coast WillieScheduledHome 
Murray Tigers?Saint PJScheduledHome 
Port Bradley?Stan SwanScheduledHome 
West Coast Pommie?Phil DoggieScheduledHome 
01-07-2021 - Round 16
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
1st Jul 2021 @
Adam's Meat Pies?Saint PJScheduledHome 
Kennedy's Cats?Don MulderScheduledHome 
Gold Coast Willie?Murray TigersScheduledHome 
Eddy Hawks?Port BradleyScheduledHome 
Stocky Demons?Quinno the GiantScheduledHome 
Stan Swan?West Coast PommieScheduledHome 
Phil Doggie?DazzaRoosScheduledHome 
Adelaide Mal?Brisbane BrettScheduledHome 
Stone'd Dockers?Thommo's BluesScheduledHome 
08-07-2021 - Round 17
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
8th Jul 2021 @
Brisbane Brett?Saint PJScheduledHome 
Thommo's Blues?Kennedy's CatsScheduledHome 
Don Mulder?Adelaide MalScheduledHome 
Quinno the Giant?Gold Coast WillieScheduledHome 
Eddy Hawks?Stone'd DockersScheduledHome 
Murray Tigers?Adam's Meat PiesScheduledHome 
Phil Doggie?Stan SwanScheduledHome 
Port Bradley?Stocky DemonsScheduledHome 
West Coast Pommie?DazzaRoosScheduledHome 
15-07-2021 - Round 18
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
15th Jul 2021 @
Adam's Meat Pies?Thommo's BluesScheduledHome 
Gold Coast Willie?Phil DoggieScheduledHome 
Quinno the Giant?Stan SwanScheduledHome 
Stocky Demons?Eddy HawksScheduledHome 
DazzaRoos?Don MulderScheduledHome 
Murray Tigers?Brisbane BrettScheduledHome 
Saint PJ?Port BradleyScheduledHome 
Adelaide Mal?West Coast PommieScheduledHome 
Stone'd Dockers?Kennedy's CatsScheduledHome 
22-07-2021 - Round 19
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
22nd Jul 2021 @
Thommo's Blues?DazzaRoosScheduledHome 
Don Mulder?Quinno the GiantScheduledHome 
Kennedy's Cats?Murray TigersScheduledHome 
Gold Coast Willie?Stocky DemonsScheduledHome 
Eddy Hawks?Brisbane BrettScheduledHome 
Stan Swan?Stone'd DockersScheduledHome 
Phil Doggie?Adelaide MalScheduledHome 
Port Bradley?Adam's Meat PiesScheduledHome 
West Coast Pommie?Saint PJScheduledHome 
29-07-2021 - Round 20
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
29th Jul 2021 @
Brisbane Brett?Gold Coast WillieScheduledHome 
Adam's Meat Pies?West Coast PommieScheduledHome 
Don Mulder?Stan SwanScheduledHome 
Quinno the Giant?Port BradleyScheduledHome 
Stocky Demons?Phil DoggieScheduledHome 
DazzaRoos?Kennedy's CatsScheduledHome 
Saint PJ?Thommo's BluesScheduledHome 
Adelaide Mal?Eddy HawksScheduledHome 
Stone'd Dockers?Murray TigersScheduledHome 
05-08-2021 - Round 21
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
5th Aug 2021 @
Brisbane Brett?Stone'd DockersScheduledHome 
Thommo's Blues?Gold Coast WillieScheduledHome 
Kennedy's Cats?Quinno the GiantScheduledHome 
Eddy Hawks?Adam's Meat PiesScheduledHome 
Murray Tigers?DazzaRoosScheduledHome 
Stan Swan?Saint PJScheduledHome 
Phil Doggie?Don MulderScheduledHome 
Adelaide Mal?Port BradleyScheduledHome 
West Coast Pommie?Stocky DemonsScheduledHome 
12-08-2021 - Round 22
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
12th Aug 2021 @
Adam's Meat Pies?Brisbane BrettScheduledHome 
Kennedy's Cats?Saint PJScheduledHome 
Gold Coast Willie?Don MulderScheduledHome 
Quinno the Giant?Murray TigersScheduledHome 
Eddy Hawks?Phil DoggieScheduledHome 
Stocky Demons?Adelaide MalScheduledHome 
DazzaRoos?Stan SwanScheduledHome 
Port Bradley?Thommo's BluesScheduledHome 
Stone'd Dockers?West Coast PommieScheduledHome 
19-08-2021 - Round 23
Home PlayerScoreAway PlayerStatusVenueTable
19th Aug 2021 @
Brisbane Brett?West Coast PommieScheduledHome 
Thommo's Blues?Quinno the GiantScheduledHome 
Don Mulder?Adam's Meat PiesScheduledHome 
Kennedy's Cats?Stocky DemonsScheduledHome 
Murray Tigers?Eddy HawksScheduledHome 
Saint PJ?Stone'd DockersScheduledHome 
Stan Swan?Gold Coast WillieScheduledHome 
Phil Doggie?Port BradleyScheduledHome 
Adelaide Mal?DazzaRoosScheduledHome