Northern Territory Eightball Association


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4 days:Tue, 26-09-2023JUNIOR NT TITLES 2023 at CasClub


OrganisationNorthern Territory Eightball Association
Date26-09-2023 to 28-09-2023 (3 days)
Start Time10:00 AM
Other Comments
26 days:Wed, 18-10-2023AEBF NATIONALS at Commercial Club


OrganisationNorthern Territory Eightball Association
Date18-10-2023 to 28-10-2023 (11 days)
Start TimeNot set
VenueCommercial Club
Other CommentsTravelling dates…. a day either side.



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Start DateCompetition TitleStatus
06-08-20232023 Heavyweights Off Season (A Grade)2023 Heavyweights Off Season (A Grade)Active
06-08-20232023 Lightweights Off Season (A Reserve Grade)2023 Lightweights Off Season (A Reserve Grade)Active
16-09-2023Cas Club KOCas Club KOCompleted
09-09-2023Casclub KOCasclub KOActive
02-09-2023CasClub KOCasClub KOCompleted
19-08-2023CasClub KOCasClub KOCompleted
12-08-2023CasClub KOCasClub KOCompleted
05-08-2023CasClub KO CasClub KO Completed
16-07-20232023 Heavyweight Finals2023 Heavyweight FinalsCompleted
16-07-20232023 Lightweights Finals2023 Lightweights FinalsCompleted
29-07-2023CasClub KOCasClub KOCompleted
01-07-2023CasClub KOCasClub KOCompleted
19-06-20232023 NT Titles Open Singles (Open Grade)2023 NT Titles Open Singles (Open Grade)Completed
19-06-20232023 NT Titles Ladies Singles (Ladies Grade)2023 NT Titles Ladies Singles (Ladies Grade)Completed
19-06-20232023 NT Titles Masters Singles (Masters Grade)2023 NT Titles Masters Singles (Masters Grade)Completed
19-06-20232023 NT Titles Reserves Singles (Reserves Grade)2023 NT Titles Reserves Singles (Reserves Grade)Completed
19-06-20232023 NT Titles Open Teams2023 NT Titles Open TeamsCompleted
19-06-20232023 NT Titles Ladies Teams (Ladies Grade)2023 NT Titles Ladies Teams (Ladies Grade)Completed
19-06-20232023 NT Titles Masters Teams (Masters Grade)2023 NT Titles Masters Teams (Masters Grade)Completed
19-06-20232023 NT Titles Reserves Teams (Reserves Grade)2023 NT Titles Reserves Teams (Reserves Grade)Completed
18-06-20232023 NT Titles Precomp2023 NT Titles PrecompCompleted
03-06-20232023 Pockets NT Satellite Open2023 Pockets NT Satellite OpenCompleted
27-05-2023CasClub KO 27/5 (Open Grade)CasClub KO 27/5 (Open Grade)Completed
20-05-2023CasClub KO 20/5CasClub KO 20/5Completed
21-05-20232023 Heavyweight Shootout Finals2023 Heavyweight Shootout FinalsCompleted
28-05-20232023 Lightweight Shootout Finals (A Reserve Grade)2023 Lightweight Shootout Finals (A Reserve Grade)Completed
02-04-20232023 Heavyweight Shootout Groups (Open Grade)2023 Heavyweight Shootout Groups (Open Grade)Completed
02-04-20232023 Lightweight Shootout Groups (Reserves Grade)2023 Lightweight Shootout Groups (Reserves Grade)Completed
04-02-2023CasClub KOCasClub KOCompleted
13-05-2023CasClub KO 13/5CasClub KO 13/5Completed
11-02-2023CasClub KOCasClub KOCompleted
25-02-2023CasClub KOCasClub KOCompleted
04-03-2023CasClub KOCasClub KOCompleted
28-01-20232023 NT Open2023 NT OpenCompleted
27-01-20232023 NT Open Groups2023 NT Open GroupsCompleted
29-01-20232023 NT Open Cuepower Plate2023 NT Open Cuepower PlateCompleted
21-01-2023Cas Club KOCas Club KOCompleted
14-01-2023CasClub KO CasClub KO Completed
07-01-2023Cas Club KOCas Club KOCompleted